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getting it edited and ready for print or e-pub?

Over the years I have provided my clients with a variety of writing services that include direct marketing, editing, book prep, cover design, and more. Here are a few examples:

Sandie SedgbeerSedgbeer Creative Media

Sandie Sedgbeer
Sedgbeer Creative Media



Sedgbeer Creative Media
Sandie Sedgbeer of Sedgbeer Creative Media Services is a very busy lady with a quality clientele.  In fact she is so busy that she has assembled a trusted team of media assistants of which I am one.  As a member of Team Sedgbeer I have been called upon to write every kind of document from direct marketing letters to catalogs, website content, articles, and her signature magalogs.






The OMG Chronicles by Peter Rodger
Peter Rodger, who filmed the amazingly  beautiful and powerful documentary “Oh My God,” needed help getting the manuscript of his film journey prepped for Hay House quickly. Working in tandem with Sedgbeer Creative Media Services I helped get Peter’s book ready for submission by deadline.  By the way, Peter’s book is a fabulous read. Please be sure to check it out at your local bookseller, or order it from Amazon.com.






Messages from Other Worlds by Jean Finch
Jean Finch spent months channeling a series of explorations on other worlds to bring a message of love and hope to this world.  After she put her chronicles into a story format I worked with her to edit the material and format the text for print as well as e-publication.  Then I created the cover design for the book.  Jean is already selling her book in paranormal and UFO circles around the country.





Dearly Departed: Uplifting Stories of a Hospice Volunteer by Nina Impala
Nina Impala had so many stories to share about her time as a hospice volunteer, but she needed some help getting them ready for print.  I worked with Nina through the editing process, helped her find an artist for her cover and prepped her book for Amazon Kindle.  Her book was published in time for the debut of her radio show, Heart Sight, and it was selling right away.





Firegal: Rising from the Ashes by Gina Geldbach-Hall
Gina Geldbach_Hall had a story to tell about her experience with the Las Vegas Fire Department. She already had a great manuscript, so my job was to edit, help with tweaking, and give advice on rearranging text to make it even better. Gina recently launched her book, Firegal, which she entered in the Hollywood Book Festival where it won an honorable mention.






More titles:    

Sacred _Transitions

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 1.29.33 PMLetting_go_Again_Cover_BFA-smcover

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