Crafting a Magical Life

Crafting a Magical Life

Crafting a Magical Life:
Manifesting Your Heart’s Desire through Creative Projects

Crafting a Magical Life outlines twenty magical/spiritual items that you can craft yourself, thereby utilizing the focus of your desire and intention to improve your spiritual connection and bring the mystical and magical into your life. Each chapter contains fascinating background information and provides easy to follow step-by-step instructions and illustrations to help you create your own powerful objects of intention.

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Sandie SedgbeerSedgbeer Creative Media

Sandie Sedgbeer
Sedgbeer Creative Media



“With the success of The Secret, it seems that everyone’s more inspired to co-create the life they want. Now Carol Holaday has just made it much easire for all of us to accomplish. Holaday offers a wealth of practical tools, techniques and keys to unlocking the power of your mind and harnessing the alchemical process of intent to manifest whatever your heart desires. Crafting a Magical Life is destined to become a real bible for those seeking the keys to mastering their own destiny.”

–Sandie Sedgbeer, Editor in Chief, PlanetLightworker Magazine.


Krysta GibsonEditor - New Spirit Journal

Krysta Gibson
Editor – New Spirit Journal


“When is the last time you read a spiritually-oriented book and could actually say it was a fun read? This is exactly what Crafting a Magical Life is: a fun read. The reason it is so much fun is that the author gives various projects the reader can use to enhance their manifestation skills. She walks us through making our own pendulum, manifesting map, power prayer beads, traveling altar, dream pillow and so much more.

The author gives specific instructions as well as explaining how to use the various items and techniques. Crafting A Magical LIfe gets you out of your head and into your heart and soul. By using some of these projects and making them your own, you will enhance your own clarity while increasing the power of attraction in your energy field. Both of these can only support you in manifesting the life you are destined to live.”

–Krysta Gibson, Editor New Spirit Journal.


Elaine Walker – Suite 101



“Carol Holaday has created something delightful with her book Crafting a Magical Life. Whether any of these 20 practical creative projects are attempted with serious magical intent to manifest a heart’s desire, or simply for the joy of creating, they are certain to bring pleasure.”

–Elaine Walker, New Age, Suite 101



Judy Julin - CosmiKids

Judy Julin – CosmiKids



“Easy, fast, effective and fun, just what I like!”

–Judy Julin, founder and CEO, CosmiKids, Inc., and author, Romancing the Future

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