Magical Travel Altar
Crafting A Magical Life – Part 1 – Magical Travel Altar May 2009





Magical Manifesting Map
Crafting A Magical Life – Part 2 – Manifesting Map June 2009






Power Prayer Beads
Crafting A Magical Life – Part 3 – Power Prayer Beads July 2009




Balanced Life AugSep09


Craft a Magical Life
Balanced Life Magazine
Balanced Life Magazine, Aug/Sept. 2009, p. 46-47







Grow Your Dreams with Promise Plants
New Connexion Magazine
New Connexion Magazine November/December 2009




The articles shown here were first published in PlanetLightworker magazine during the time that I owned and operated Wisdom Crystals.  You can access the archives at any time to find a wide array of wonderful articles from the conscious community.

Early articles and reviews:

Friendship Beyond The Veil
AnRho Ta’Ne & Ta’Na

Trading Secrets:New Age Product Reviews

Creating Your Own Crystal Path Series:

Creating Your Own Crystal Path
Why Am I Sleeping With A Rock?
The Care & Feeding Of Crystals And Stones
Rocking Out On Light & Color
Preparing to Facilitate Crystal Healing
Facilitating A Crystal Healing
Preparing to create your own crystal tools
Building your own crystal tools 
Crystal grids for household and planetary use
Manifesting and healing with crystal grids
Working with pendulums
Building vortexes with crystal energy
Meeting your crystal guides and angels
Making Gemstone Elixirs and Sprays
Discovering the special qualities of quartz crystals

Other Articles:

Twenty One Concepts of Lemurian Energy

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